Enhance your lifestyle on your own terms

Level Up Lifestyle is an online, members-only, group training programme that helps men and women get fitter, lose fat, become braver and ultimately be happier.

The programme gives you access to:

Enabling you to experience a better quality of life, with a fitter, healthier body and more confident mind.

How does Level Up Lifestyle work?

Exclusive, members-only Facebook group

When you sign up to Level Up Lifestyle, you become part of a members-only Facebook group. This gives you access to:

Short, effective, fun workouts

Level Up Lifestyle comes with full access to the TrueCoach app, which you can download on your android or apple phone.

The app is set up to give you a monthly workout routine, changing to a new one every four weeks. The routine includes:

You can practise the routine from the comfort of your own home or within a gym facility.

The programme also gives you the option of calculating your calorie intake, providing you with the number of calories you’d need to consume to lose fat, maintain weight or build muscle.

The TrueCoach app can be synced with MyFitnessPal app, so that your coach can monitor your calorie intake with you.

You can also keep track of your progress by uploading pictures of your body’s progressive transformation.


In addition to Level Up Lifestyle workouts, your membership grants you access to all Level Up Challenges throughout the year.

Level Up Challenges is a six-week programme designed to boost your energy levels and shape your body. It’s sold independently, so there are plenty of savings to be made when you sign up to Level Up Lifestyle as you get to enjoy all the benefits of Level Up Challenges too, included in your membership. For more information, click here.